Can't dismiss task action icons

Tyler Mandry 5 years ago updated by Grace 5 years ago 7

If I click on a task and the actions pop up, I cannot dismiss them unless I click on "edit" and then click outside the modal. The following things don't work:

1. Clicking the close button on the edit modal
2. Completing the task

Also, sometimes even clicking outside the edit modal doesn't work.

This is super frustrating, and happens on both Firefox and Chrome.

WeekPlan is a really awesome tool, I hope you can fix this issue!
Under review
Thanks Tyler, I will look into it today and deploy the fix tomorrow hopefully.
Actually, I cannot reproduce the issue, I will wait for your email address so that I can chekc your account. Thanks!
Hi there,

1. Regarding the buttons not hiding, it works if you click on the background of the board/workspace rather than on a list
2. Clicking the close button should be working. I have deployed a new version, hopefully this will force your browser to get the latest files.
3. Completing a task should definitely work too. 
I have allowed users to click again on the task to hide the buttons. Should help a bit!
Yes that does help, thank you.