Google Calendar Sync in Teams (sync by Avatar)


Hi Aymeric 

As discussed today, I would like to suggest the following for Team syncing on Google Calendar. 

When there is a Team board with multiple team members, then the 'Push' on Google Calendar should be specific to the user and specific to tasks allocated to that user. For example, if John is assigned a task in Week Plan (ie. his Avatar is on that task), then the 'Push' sync should push to Johns Google Calendar. 

This provides some important benefits:

  1. Johns Google Calendar does not get inundated with scheduled tasks for the wider team. 
  2. For organisations that allow Google Calendars to be seen by all other staff, the Week Plan tasks for John show on his main Google Calendar, This avoids other staff assuming in error that John is free and book in with him (eg. I demo software, and the sales team process is to book directly into my calendar if there is an opening). 

Happy to discuss this further. I am starting to explore more functionality around teams so will be likely to provide further feedback.

Thanks, Robert

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