Long duration tasks

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How can I add a task that will e.g. take 30 hours (so the task needs to be spread over several days)?

Adding 30hrs duration to a task makes the daily committed hours >30hrs

Using repeat tasks, setting each to a breakdown or the 30 hours doesn't work entirely either, as the e.g. sub-tasks do not get repeated (known issue).

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Ana Loraine
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Thank you for reaching out. 

Our apologies if we missed this ticket. May we know how long do you plan on working on this task per day? Is it your goal to finish the task within 30 hrs straight?

Please take note that the subtask don't get repeated along with the parent task.


Hi Ana


I am a software developer and have some tasks that will take several days to complete. So, e.g. I will be working on a push-pull interface between two disparate databases – I want to commit time to the task each day, say, 4 hours.  The actual task duration is 40 hours.  I would like to track effort against this task.  The task also has various subtasks that I need to achieve.

I don’t want my e.g. daily committed time to be 48 hours, I would like to have the committed time split up over several days. 


The work around I’ve found for now  is to create the task as a repeat task, assigning a lower effort e.g. 4hrs to each repeat.  The problem with this is that I lose the subtasks and related info.  The management of these repeated tasks also becomes a bit cumbersome.


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