Way to add time estimate when creating new tasks?

schoberc 5 years ago updated 5 years ago 6

is there a way to add a time estimate when adding a new task from the week view? Like one can use "@" to add a role or "!" to set the urgency. I decided to give weekplan a try yesterday and it is quite annoying to add the task, then click on it, click edit, add a time estimate there. 

I found the thread when the feature was first suggested and later implemented, and the use cases there should also benefit from such a thing - So I ask: Did I miss it somewhere? Or does it not exist (yet)? 

Under review
Hi Chris, I am happy to implement this. What shortcut do you think I should use?
something like this?

"Buy milk [1h]"
"Go to cinema [2h30]"

great! I would suggest a shortcut with one symbol, similar to the existing ones (@, !, ..). So maybe:
"Buy milk ^1h"
"Buy milk =1h".

Both are not yet used, or? One symbol is faster than two :-)
I would say "Buy milk ~1h" for estimations and "Buy milk =1h" for actual times.

Cool will work on that :)
Thank you! Perfect that way. I'll start using that tomorrow :-) (back from holiday!)