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Cannot Create Repeated Task

huangqun 1 year ago updated by Ana Loraine 1 year ago 3

Tried to make a task repeated but no matter how many times I save it it would just change back to a normal task a while later. I'm running Mac OS 10.14 and latest Chrome browser.

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Thank you for reaching out.

We are unable to replicate this with Mac OS 10.14 on Chrome. Did you encounter any error message? Perhaps tried to refresh the browser and clear the cache?

Thank you for understanding. We will wait for your feedback.

Seems to be working today, not sure what made the difference though.

Not a bug


Thank you for letting us know.

We are glad to hear that the app is working on your end now. 

Should this happen on your end again, please let us know. A screenshot of screen recording of the error will be helpful as reference. 

Have a great day!