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hello Dear Weekplan friends

first of all, want to say that I love Weekplan app and I will a user almost forever

nevertheless, I feel as an elder user that a lot of operations have become too much complex

for example, 

- don´t have the pending column anymore

- novel sublayer generation during task movement

- adding task to timeline is more complex

also, .v2 has cool stuff like "previous day column's stacking"...

please refer to explanatory images

Thank you very much

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Aymeric Founder
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  1. What you call sublayers are simply a way to show you where you can drop a task.

    For example, you say "adding task to timeline is more complex" but all you have to do is drop a task on the timebar that shows near the header of the day. It is way faster than setting a time by writing it.
  2. Regarding your comment about not being able to set the time via text. Actually you can, like in v1, you can add the time by writing in the textbox when you add a task (11pm Sample task) but not when you edit it.
  3. What was simpler in the old interface? The fact that we were not showing the checkboxes?
  4. Regarding the Pending list, many users were confused at to what the use for it was...