Prioritize windows wrong placement

dario.bavicchi@bavicchi.it 1 year ago updated by Geeta 2 months ago 3

I found this problem often but i can't understand why sometime it works as expected and sometime no.

Opening the prioritize windows from various areas (Hit, List, Calendar etc...) i get the placement you see in the below picture.

In that case i can't move the windows that remain fixed as you see, the only way to proceed is to close it with ESC key and exit Weekplan. Sometime it works running again WP sometime i have the same results. This picture  comes from APP , but i had the same problem sometime also in the browser (Firefox)

Windows app

It's 50% ok and 50% not

Screen placement issue is now 100% ok,  thanks!

To make quadrant 100% effective i need to have quadrant in the right process:

when you need to categorize tasks? 

not when they are already scheduled in  the calendar, but before that!

...so please i need to open quadrant from the HIT view to categorize tasks before i schedule them;

A better way could be to open Quadrant directly from each Role or Board: in that way during the week review it will be possible to categorize tasks so that will be easy and very effective the choice of HIT!!!!

Please let me know if it will be possible and when you think to do that, because it's a key point for me to continue to use Weekplan or serach around for other options.

Thanks for help me

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Under review


We sincerely apolosize for the delay in following up with this. The issue should be fixed now. Can you please confirm?


For this problem I stopped to use prioritize function.

I tried now and the issue is still there using the APP; instead in the firefox browser now it works, bus as i wroted it happened often even in browser.


Now we have changed this quadrant view. It is not a popup anymore.