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Team working: i need a PRIVATE flag in tasks to avoid to share my personal tasks in a shared workspace

dario.bavicchi@bavicchi.it 11 months ago updated by Aymeric (Founder) 4 months ago 3

In a business environment my calendar is shared between all team members.

In that situation i don't want to share my personal task details.

It's important to show in the calendar my busy time, but also is important to hide their details to anyone except me.

A simple solution (also found in other softwares) is the possibility to flag a task as PRIVATE

In that way a private task is showed in the shared calendar as busy time but without all details that remains hidden to other team members.

Under review

Hi, Dario!

This is a good suggestion. I'd be happy to share this with the team. 


I like your approach and would of course use the tool to manage my private and business goals in on System, a private flag is essential to be able to do this;). 

Yes I agree, this is a great suggestion. It will get implemented when we get to it. Right now we are working on simplifying the user experience as it is the main complaint we are receiving.