Changes Made on Google Calendar don't sync to Week Plan

Productivity Port 1 year ago updated by Geeta 9 months ago 6

I made 2 changes to my Google Calendar.

  1. I removed one instance of a recurring meeting.
  2. I added a task and assigned a date from Google Calendar

I expected both changes to roll through to Week Plan.

Also, was the Add to Week Plan link removed from Gmail? I no longer see it.

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Under review


Thank you for reaching out.

May we ask for you to try triggering the sync from the team settings of your Week Plan account?

Thank you for letting us know. We have forwarded this to our dev team for checking.

We'll get back to you once we have an update. 

Thank you for understanding.

I believe I'm having the same problem.  Can you let me know if I'm understanding this correctly?  I believe that when I edit a task in Google Calendar, it should update in Weekplan, correct?  Currently it is not working that way.  Let me know if I'm missing something.


Thank you for reaching out.

The changes should instantly reflect on your Week Plan schedule. May we ask for you to check the sync settings?

You may use this page as a reference. 



closing as not heard any response.