Hi, How are we adding birthdays

Maxine Grimes 4 years ago updated by Ana Loraine 2 years ago 3

I would love something just for Birthdays/ Special occasions so they jump out at me and I don't forget people



I'd typically use my calendar program of choice to do this, as for me, I'd use a task manager like WeekPlan to track the activities associated with a birthday (e.g. buy mom a card). I'd set the birthday in Sunrise, the calendar I'm currently using, as an annual recurring event, and then set the reminder as far ahead as needed depending on what I typically do for that person. Once the reminder hits, say one week out, you could then decide what you're going to do that year and put those tasks into WeekPlan to execute.

If you just wanted to manage it in WeekPlan, it's more or less the same idea. Enter a task on the person's birthday. Set the repetition to annual. If you want them to look different, you could set up a 'birthdays' role with a bright color and assign them to that role, so you know when you see bright pink, it's a birthday.

Hope that helps,


That's brilliant, I like both ideas so will have to think which way I want to go.

Thank you for taking the time to respond, much appreciated!