Problems moving tasks from Parking Lot to Goals of the Week

Helio Andrade 6 years ago updated by Grace 5 years ago 4
Hi. First of all, nice app. We are having trouble to add tasks from the Parking Lot to the Goals of the Week when you have lots of goals and tasks. Today we have, first, to slide the goals to find the goal where we are gonna put the task, then we move the tasks. Would be nice if we could do as in Windows Explorer where we can move a file to folders and, when we reach the botton of the window but still there`s more than folders, it automaticaly slide the folders down until we find our destination folder.
Satisfaction mark by Helio Andrade 5 years ago
Hi Helio,

Actually, I have a task high in my priority list that is to implement scrolling when the mouse is close to the edges. This will solve your issue.
Hi Aymeric,

Very nice to know. Thanks for the fast answer!!! If you need anything, just send me an e-mail.

Bets regards,
I have got the fix for it. It will be deployed tomorrow.