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It’s apear that 15 days left for a trial and I’m a ultimate user

dellavedovafr@gmail.com 1 year ago updated 1 year ago 5
iOS app
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Sorry for inconvenience, We have fixed your account, Please restart the app & try again.


Dev Team

you have changed the web platform, it s dificultd and confusing. Now my roles are in the left part, and some of them those not apear. 

Franco Della Vedova

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Hi, Franco!

Thank you for your feedback on the new interface.

I have forwarded your concern with the missing Roles for checking. 

It s realy frustating, The best of your app was that you could see what task you had with each role, and now you can’t do it any more. Your write a task in a role and them the role desapear. 
Pleas if I m  wrong please send me some information,  
Franco Della Vedova
The problem is that role apear, but when I writhe some task then its does not apaear any more.

Pleas thy to fix it because is very frustrating, if not pleas try to return me the old interfase 
I was really happy with your app 
Franco Della Vedova