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Bug - Edit list option not showing in parking lot

ronguarin 1 year ago updated by SjoerdH 1 year ago 4

The "Edit" list option is not showing in Parking lot but Only Prioritize

Under review


Thank you for reaching out. 

May we ask if you are referring to the web version?

If so, it seems to be working in our end.May we know which browser you are using?

I am using Web Version in the Ultimate Plan using Chrome browser. All the columns work have the Edit Option, except for this one column "SAIP" that edit option is not showing up.

Hi there! 

May we ask for you to try refreshing the page first? 

If the option is still not present, kindly provide a screenshot of this missing option for reference. We'll be more than happy to check further.

I have the same issue with my 'Self' list in the Parking lot. In the screenshots below you can see 'Prioritize' as only option for the 'Self list. When I click the three dots on the Father/Partner list, I have the normal options (Edit List, Delete and Prioritize).