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Publishing release notes

SjoerdH 1 year ago updated by alexandre 1 year ago 4

Hi guys and girls,

I love the way you try to improve Weekplan and suprise me with new functions and interfaces every now and then. For instance, the new 'Plan of the week' interface. 

Unfortunately, often when there is something new, it's not announced or explained anywhere. You do explain it occasionally on your blog (ex. https://weekplan.net/what-s-new-in-week-plan-2-120-2/), but not on a structural basis. Right now I've had some issues with a new function. At least one of those issues was because I didn't knew how it should work (even after research). Explaining new functions help customers like myself from issuing tickets and would prevent you from explaining it to several users individually. I think you can see this in a P/PC balance perspective :)

I would like to suggest you publish release notes (or (video) tutorials) whenever you introduce new ideas and functions to Weekplan. 

Keep up the good work!



Please, this is starting to be essential. There have been currently lots of changes with no feedback unless we open it here, and get a message, I will pass this along to the dev team.

Under review

Guys, first I would like to thank you for your constructive feedback. I love working on Week Plan because the user base is full of articulated people. 

This is the main lesson from this big change. We could have avoided a lot of frustrations if we had posted a video together with the change.

As part of our release process we do usually publish release notes on the blog and the email list, but we haven't done this this time and it magnified the frustration caused by the change.

We will definitely be more disciplined in the future.

I am guessing the best place to publish the release notes is within the app, when you open it?

Also, we have a facebook group to gather feedback on upcoming features, would you be interested in joining? https://www.facebook.com/groups/430163354142822/


Hello Aymeric,

I think the amount of communication is dependent of the changes.

For a change that impacts the way people work, then when opening the app the first time there should be a banner called "things have changed" and when clicking on it then a small message with what changed, why and then, if you want, a video explaining the changes.

Don't stick with the video only, because a few of us are at work and cannot see videos, but we most know immediately what changed in our tool. And don't forget the why the change (comprehension and understanding of your userbase are important).

If the changes are smaller, and this is a nice way to see what is changing, simply get a red ball on the name of the paid plan when we open the app - Week Plan Ultimate *

This signifies that there are changes since I last opened it, and if I go to the sidebar, below the "Send us your feedback" there is a "Release Notes" that have a log of all the release notes since the start, with the most recent with the date on top.

Regarding facebook, I don't have any (the account exists but I don't use it), so I can't join the group.

Thanks for the response!

I agree with your idea of publishing your releasenotes: "I am guessing the best place to publish the release notes is within the app, when you open it?". I think it's good you cannot miss what's new.

Next to that, I think it would be good to have some kind of archive or reference base of those changes/support videos.

I would be interested in joining the Facebook group! I made an request to join the group.