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Pending Task List Disappeared

Bybee 1 year ago updated by Ana Loraine 1 year ago 1

I had a few important items in my pending list.  I loved the separation of being able to put time sensitive tasks on a specific day and then to have a pending list off to the side of my computer or at the bottom on my phone that let me just dump some this and that tasks that I could work on through the week.  It is now gone with this new change and I would like to get it back, not only for that awesome feature, but because I don't know what items went missing and are now not likely to get done!  

iOS app

Thank you for answering my question.

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Not a bug

HI, Bybee!

Our sincerest apologies if we missed your ticket from few days ago.

Please be advised that the pending tasks list is in Boards - Parking Lot - Pending list.