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Default Role

DanPageau 2 years ago updated by EthanR 5 months ago 6

When I set the default role for a section on the board it only works for my first entry.

After that, it doesn't default anymore.

Under review

Wow. Good catch thanks

This is still happening - I set the default role; and it is not being loaded with the note.

In the same node .. 

Also if I use the !1 or !2 or !3 code in the task title - the pop-up comes up; but the Urgent / Important setting is not recorded?

Thank you for reporting the issue and sorry for the inconvenience. I forwarded it to the dev team to look into it.  I will get back to you soon with an update.

Your patience will be highly appreciated. 

Thank you for understanding. 

May we ask for the screen recording of the issue or the steps, please.

yes - what do you recommend to do a record on win10 ?


Here you can see it - also - a glitch where the pop-up menu does not disappear after clicking off a task.  You can only take off the pop-up menu on one task by clicking on another - see the end of the vid.