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Drag and drop for mobile apps

rana.an55@gmail.com 1 year ago updated by Aymeric (Founder) 7 months ago 2

Its so much easier to organise when we were able to drag and drop tasks within each day and to other days and boards. I want to be able to organise my day as I go by switching the order around effortlessly and alot of the tasks have no time. Why was drag and drop taken away? 

I recommend you look into the bullet journal model it will be very useful in this app. 

Also it was helpful when we could always see a list of unassigned tasks at the bottom of the week which I was able to drag and drop to specific days. So a this week list that hadn't been scheduled yet.   Thank you 

iOS app
Under review

Hi, Rana!

Thank you for your feedback.

We are still working on implementing the drag and drop function on the ios app. 

i was able to do it on previous version?