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manetrejo 1 year ago updated 1 year ago 3

I want to view the week from the current day and not only from the first day of the week.

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Thanks, but what I want to say is it would be very useful to view the Next 5 or 7 days from now. In the dropbox in the left, you can’t choose another day different than the starting day of the week. Thanks!

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Hi there!

You can change the view of your schedule here:


Hi there!

Thank you for clarifying your concern through the ticket review you've submitted.

The option you're looking for is not yet available. I'd be happy to share this suggestion to our team for review. 

Thanks. In order to give you more reasons for this feature, think in people that don't have a defined 'work week'. Me, as a freelancer, I don't care if I need to work on weekends or holidays, all days are almost the same.

Thanks again, I will appreciate if you could add this feature.