Bring back the pending task list on the phone view to keep it GTD compatible

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Losing the pending tasks on the same screen as the calendar on my phone and on my PC has been a major hit in Week Plan's functionality for me.  GTD is all about only putting things on the calendar that HAVE to get done that day.  The pending category allowed me to keep clarity in my schedule between the things that had to get done, and the things I wanted to get done, and I don't like assigning a role to every task that I have as some tasks are just reminders to do things before I forget them, like check the fridge for milk. I do not see the compatibility between GTD and the new updates. 

I have moved over to Nirvana on a monthly subscription in order to have a planner that works the way I need it to.  If I had my pick between Nirvana as it is now and Week Plan as it was prior to the updates, it would be Week Plan by a huge margin.   I will monitor the developments, but it has lost its utility for me in its new format.  

It is a shame as the previous version of Week Plan was the best app that I had ever found for managing my time!


Please read my last reply.

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Hi there! 

Thank you for your feedback on the recent updates we released.

May we ask which mobile app you are referring to? 

I have an iPhone.  The weekly view showed the days of the week stacked vertically with the pending list after Saturday.  The 1-day view showed the day's calendar with pending underneath.


HI, Bybee!

Our sincerest apologies if we missed your ticket from few days ago.

Please be advised that the pending tasks list is in Boards - Parking Lot - Pending list.



Yes.  I am well aware of where the pending task list is located now.  That did not answer the question - which I have noticed not answering the actual question is a trend on many of the threads I have read. 

I am not trying to be rude but am providing honest feedback.  A direct answer to my question that would have shown that you actually read it would have been something like, "We have made these changes for such and such reasons.  At this time, we do not plan on returning to the previous format and the pending list will stay in the Parking Lot.  We apologize if these new changes are not what you are looking for."


we was using old version of week planner and there was pending list on right side near SUNDAY. 

This is very important to us to have it back there and please give me that colum back. 

Thats why I was using the old version till now because it was like i want and that new one is a litlle bit


Thanks for fix that bug.