new split in BOARDS and ROLES ist just horrible!

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why do you offer different menus for  baords and Roles???

It is completely confusing! Also you have to put tasks which you put to the role- section actively to one board. What??  I´, losing overview completely! I can´t see the added benefit, can you tell me?? Perhaps I don´t get idea behind it...

best regars


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Ana Loraine
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Hi, Kamut!

We understand your frustration with the recent changes we made on the app.

May we ask for your time to read through the blog we released regarding the updates and let us know what you think?

Aymeric Founder

Hi Kamut, what do you find confusing? It is actually meant to simplify the user interface.

When you have in Roles it is because you have assigned them a role. If you want them to appear in Boards, you need to assign them a list.