Start and end time of task show on desktop but not in mobile phone app

gzaliab 4 years ago updated by Aymeric (Founder) 4 years ago 4

When I add a start and end time to a task I can see this on my Mac in Safari but the start and end times don't show on my iPhone 4 app. I've made the task reoccurring but that doesn't make a difference. The tasks that have been imported from my iPhone calendar into the Weekplan app on my phone do have the start and end time.

The main reason I would like to see times is that I have a task that I need to do in the morning and also at night. Because they have the same name I can't see on the phone whether I'm ticking off the morning task or the evening task. One option is to rename these tasks but I thought I'd ask whether these start and end times can be switched on on the phone as it is handy to see the times with certain tasks. Thanks


Super quick fix, cheers!

Satisfaction mark by gzaliab 4 years ago

I have located the bug, working on a solution! Thanks for the feedback



Under review

Fix should be deployed. Could someone confirm the issue has been fixed?

Yep, looks good now. Thanks