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saraafontes 1 year ago updated by 4healthit 1 year ago 5

What was the logic behind the new formatting, with the high impact tasks of the categeories on the side? Frankly I relied on being able to see all my tasks for different categories clearly and being able to prioritize within those tasks. I don't say things like this often, but I think this is a really AWFUL change, and may lead me to stop using weekplan 

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Hi Sara, Check out our blog post explaining the change and what we are doing to address your concern: https://weekplan.net/week-plan-introduces-new-layout-for-planner-module/

I have similar thoughts about the new format. Here are my thoughts, comments, and frustrations:

1) Lack of communication on new version: I am a paying customer and was not aware that app.weekplan.net would go away.  No timeline for the switch has been communicated, so I didn't know that I needed to get used to the new format/version. Like the above user, I am seriously considering leaving weekplan.  I am very disappointed as I have been a loyal paying customer for years.

2) HITs: I want the option to collapse/turn off the HITs on the side.  They take up too much real estate and you end up having duplicate tasks on the screen (you either schedule them or see them in the HIT).  To me, they are pointless for the workflow I follow.

3) Role Colors: The role colors on tasks in the new version are too subtle. They were very clear in the old version, and it was easy to group like tasks during the day to be more efficient. For example, I have different clients (each a different role), and I use the colors to group everything for a client together.

4) Filtering of Completed Tasks: I would like to see an option to not show how many completed tasks at the bottom of each day.  I used the filter to get rid of completed tasks, and now if you use the filter it says X number of filtered tasks.  Either way, there are extra words on the screen that are distracting and take up space.

5) Pending Column: In the old version, I relied on having the Pending column on the Left.  In the new version, I can get it there if I go to the Boards page and the click on it, but it does not persist. I really dislike the extra clicks, as I regularly move things back and forth from the Pending column.

6) Make scheduling an option that can be turned off: While I understand the scheduling option, I think it should be an option that can be turned on/off. I would like to hide the scheduling bars about each.  Again, they are distracting for people who don't use them and take up too much space.

7) Scrolling: Scrolling in the new version is tedious.  If you have to scroll to have to navigate to each list that needs scrolling.  In the old version, you could just scroll for the entire page.  

8) Handling of Subtasks: This is more of a personal preference, but I preferred the old view for subtasks of treating it as the current task (instead of expanding the next task automatically).  Again, it seems to add to the clutter on the screen. 

Overall, I think the new version is trying to do too much.  The old version was simple...and that is why is was so powerful.

Thanks for listening.


Thank you for this. We appreciate sharing your insight with the recently released update.

I'd be happy to share this to our team as a reference for future updates. 

Meanwhile, kindly visit our new blog when you have a chance. There were few set backs with the release and our realization as a team is stated there.



First of all: thank you thank you thank you.

We keep hearing people saying that they prefer v1 over v2, but they couldn't give us any specifics. Your feedback helps greatly.

  1. I will see if we can put v1 as v1.weekplan.net so that you can keep using it. Please note though that we won't be adding new features there.
  2. HITs: As a founder, I believe the HITs is the essence of Week Plan. The fact you believe they are useless surprises me because I believe they are part of what makes Week Plan different. They are the link between your objectives and your schedule. Nonetheless, we can look at allowing to collapse it.
  3. Role colors: we wanted a way to differentiate HIT from normal task, which is why task colors are a bit more subtle. That is something I will review with my team.
  4. Good point about the filtering. Maybe instead we could show the number of filtered tasks on the filter icon.
  5. Could you give me a bit more details on how you use the Pending list? I might be able to bring it in the new version if I understand its value.
  6. Regarding the scheduling bars: are you talking about the ones above the Boards, or even in the Schedule view? One complaint we often receive is that it is hard to set a time to a task. People seem to get value out of this.
  7. So you would prefer to have one scrollbar for the page rather than one per list?
  8. Regarding subtasks. You are right, the v1 format was a bit more minimalistic and implemented the Next Action concept of GTD well. I will reconsider this.

Thanks so much for the response and for listening!  Here are my comments:

  1. That sounds wonderful for now. I used to change task management systems every 6 months or so as I outgrew them.  I've stayed with WeekPlan for years now because IT WORKS! :) 
  2. Collapsible HIT bar is great.  I think I find it distracting because I don't always have HITs in every role.  Also, once they are scheduled, they collapse, but the side bar doesn't and then it is just taking up space.  The concept of HITs is very important, I'm just not a fan of the sidebar. I'm wondering if it would make more sense to be able to highlight the background of HIT tasks or give them a STAR icon or something.  Just a thought.
  3. Thank you!
  4. That sounds like a good option if you need to do anything at all. 
  5. Pending - I tend to use this as a short-term "Waiting For" (GTD) bucket. I often get responses to things I am waiting on the same day or next day, so things go on and off that list regularly. If I am waiting on something with quicker response times, I don't want it on my daily task list, and I also don't want it to go onto a hidden board that only gets looked at during my weekly/monthly review.
  6. I'm talking about the scheduling bars above each day of the week.  Could that row be collapsed?
  7. Yes
  8. Thank you!