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dario.bavicchi@bavicchi.it 1 year ago updated by Aymeric (Founder) 1 year ago 10

Yesterday for a short time i found the new Roles Tab (windows), then disappeared.

The actual situation is:

Windows app and browsers (Chrome/Firefox) - no roles TAB (v.2.128.16)

               cache cleaned no changes

ios app - no roles TAB (v.2.127.1)

ios - safari roles TAB visible (v.2.128.16)


Windows app
Under review

We have rolled back this change temporarily until we can deploy the iOS app as it causes an issue otherwise.

What did you think about what you saw?


From my point of view the role-tab is very useful. I missed it this morning. To have an overview over the role-specific tasks helps to evaluate the role itself. For instance I have the role "father". When I see at a glance that there is no or just very view entries I should probably put more focus on this role.


For my WP  setup (with Boards = Roles) is not important but i understand that is important for other people with different settings.

As you know the software dilemma is "Semplicity vs Flexibility":

a simple software is easy to understand and faster to get in, but has a very rigid usability structure ;

a flexible one is more complex, harder and slower to get in, but users can found their way to make it perfect for their needs. (obviously that's my favourite)

Only few softwares, the best ones, can stack different usability layers, providing the easy option on surface and deeper levels behind this.

I feel that now WP is somewhere in the middle and my hope is that you'll cross the bridge towards this direction.


I think the roles tab is a happy medium. thanks for it. i look forward to signing up when my trial expires in a few days. @aymeric.

@dario: I agree completely. Having the possibility to use the boards and/or roles makes weekplan so flexible. As it is my decision in which deepth I use (or not use) it the I can control the complexity of "my" weekplan.

Anyway: as soon as there is the possibility to group tasks after roles there should be a view available to see the items sorted by the role-group as well as beeing able to collect tasks (like brainstorming) in a role.

When will the Roles tab be back? 

I'm having a problem because yesterday, when the roles tab was present, I moved some of the tasks from HIT Plan of the Week list back to their specific roles. That way I can keep focused on my HITs, but not lose tasks that I don't want to lose, but tackle within the next few weeks. 

Well now I can't locate any task that I moved from the HIT Plan of the week list back to the Roles tab. I'd like to see those tasks again as soon as possible. 

Is there a work around? or am I just not going to be able to see those tasks until the Roles tab comes back?

the roles tab is back for me, chrome browser.


One thing that is still not present, is the handling of HITs with no role. We are waiting on Apple to publish our app.