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email-integration is very useful but does not work with cc/bcc

raland 1 year ago updated by Ana Loraine 1 year ago 1

I really like the email-integration!

I have created a inbox-board-item where I proceed all the incoming emails of my outlook-account, that need a closer look later. From there they are scheduled or distributed to other boards. So I have a almoust empty email-inbox.

Unfortunatly I cannot use the board-email-adress in cc or bcc, these mails never arrive.

Bcc could be useful, for instance, to forward mails to a waiting-for-board in order to have a control of awaiting mail replys.

Maybe this could be an idea to realise in the next time. Would appreciate it very much.

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Hi, Raland!

Great suggestion! I'd be glad to share this to our team for review.