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I payed for an ultimate subscribtion a month ago through IOS app store. When I go on the app, it says upgrade to continue using. When I click upgrade, it tells me I have already upgraded. I have commented about this many times, amd you respond asking for my email, and proof that i have paid. I then responded with that info, and you haven't followed up or fixed the issue. I am going to attach screenshots of my reciepts and a video of the issue. Fix it and respond to me again if there is more you need. I have waited too long. The email is 

ScreenRecording-11-04-2018 17-12-23.MP4

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Ana Loraine
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Hi, Jan!

Our sincerest apologies if we overlooked your message due to the unexpected increased volume of inquiries we are receiving from the previous updates.

Upon checking, your account has been updated for an Ultimate plan subscription until 10/29/2019.

May we ask for you to log out and log in again on the ios app and web version? Try clearing the cache and refreshing the page before doing so. 

Thank you for your continuous patience. We will wait for your feedback.