Please Fix issues with the objectives module / include support in knowledge base

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Unfortunately, the information in the knowledge base on the objectives module is so basic that it is not really helpful.

Are objectives set per quarter / annually / or how? From the approach it seems that objectives are set for each quarter, however, if you set an objective for e.g. Q1 18, it also shows in the following quarters.

However, the tasks can only be assigned for the weeks of the quarter where the objective was created, e.g. if you create an objective for Q1, you only can the tasks to weeks 1 to 13. When you switch to the next quarter, the objective still shows, but you cannot create new tasks and assign them to any other week than 1 to 13. 

Probably no one understands how this should work, and I could not find any guidance. This is probably another bug / issue with Weekplanner, please fix! 

Ana Loraine
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Hi, Gian!

Thank you for reaching out. 

Our sincerest apologies if you having a hard time understanding how the Objectives module works. 

We have a lot of users who utilizes this feature for personal and business use especially those with long term projects.

Please be reminded that you need to select a week cell and assign a date to your tasks. 

If you need to extend the objective to another quarter, just move the quarter from the upper left corner and highlight the affected week cell.

If you hover over the week number, it will show you the start date as a guide. You need to assign a date for the HIT in order for it to reflect on your schedule. 

These information were added on the Knowledgebas for reference.

If you need further assistance with utilizing this module, please feel free to sign up for a coaching session. Just select a schedule from this calendar.