Not a bug

Objectives: Please use correct week numbers

Gian 1 year ago updated by Tomi Petteri 1 year ago 2

The action plan in the objectives module uses quarterly week numbers that start at 1 for every quarter. Nobody, in the whole world, ever uses these kind of quarterly numbering, and you cannot expect your users to manually calculate the weeks for each task. 

Please number the weeks as in every calendar from 1 to 52, i.e., the weeks in Q2 should start at 13, the weeks in Q3 at 26, and son on.

Thank you for correcting this mistake.

Not a bug

Hi, Gian!

Our apologies for the confusion.

The week number is dependent on the number of weeks per quarter. 

If you hover your cursor to the week number, it will show you the start date of the week as a guide. 

If it feels like a bug it's a bug +1