WOW!!!!!!! I love WeekPlan!!!!! but.... @Context :-)

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I have been searching for the perfect planner and I think I have found it!!!!

You have combined the best of 7-Habits with GTD! 

The only "but" I have found so far (I just starting using WeekPlan yesterday) is:

  • I love to use the @Context to all my tasks. (i.e. @Home, @Work, @Computer, @...) from GTD. Is there an easy way to do this with each task??? Maybe a dropdown???

Merci beaucoup for making such a GREAT PRODUCT!!!!


-jj shields

Aymeric Founder
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You can try to add tags to tasks, and then search your tasks by #tag but it is not ideal


I have defined Boards for Home, Office, Waiting For, etc, where I collect all the dozends of tasks for each area.

So I can easily put my focus e.g. on '@Calls' when I have a time slots to do my telephone duties.

And it is a double benefit that tasks can be scheduled and remain in the board area as well so that they can be found eather way. 


Thanks for the tips... I guess both are workable, but not elegant :-)