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I am trying to start a tutorial but there is no question mark button as appears on the FAQ screen.

smith.kat2305 1 year ago updated by Ana Loraine 1 year ago 2

There is no tutorial button on my screen as the FAQ screen shows. How do I start the tutorial if there is no button?

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Hi, Smith!

Thank you for reaching out.

The tutorial button has been removed as we are still working on another one with a different approach.

For the meantime, you can use Week Plan Academy with a lay out a clear step by step process to help you put some discipline in the way you manage your time.


You may also use these pages as reference.

Knowledgebase: https://support.weekplan.net/knowledge-bases/4-knowledge-base



We also offer free coaching sessions. However, the next 2 weeks will not be available due to holiday season.


Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have other questions or concerns.