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Iphone Widget not working

sharmamohit200 1 year ago updated by Ana Loraine 1 year ago 6

I couldn’t find any task displayed on the iPhone widget. I’ve the latest version of the app installed this week. Though all tasks for the day and for the week are there in the App but widget is blank. All it shows is blank space and an option to open the app. 

iOS app
Under review

Thank you for reaching out.

Let me check with our dev team if this function is available on the current ios app version.

Hi there,

We checked it on latest iOS version 12.1.1 and it's working fine for us. Do you mind sharing the screenshots of the issue  also and version of WeekPlan and iOS  please? 


Dev Team!

the screen shot is attached. The widget doesn’t display anything despite having tasks listed in the app as planned for day and week. Please advice. 

Thank you for sharing the screenshot. We will get back with this fix asap. 


Dev Team!

Hi, I have the same issue, was there a fix for this? 

Hi, Simon!

Thank you for following up on this.

I'm checking with our dev team for the status. I'll notify you as soon I receive a feedback.