Objectives should be broken down by role, and you should be able to prioritize them.

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I think that objectives should naturally be broken down by role.


  • Objectives by Priority
    • High Impact Tasks by Priority

The current model shows all the objectives with no filtering.

For the purpose of planning it is useful to focus on one Role, set the objectives. Then focus on the objective, and set the HITasks.

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Ana Loraine
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Hi, Amber!

Thank you for the suggestion. 

You can associate the HITS with role on the Objectives module. 

May we know if you are suggesting to add a filter function per quarter?


Hi, Thanks. I am aware that you can associate HITS with a role. 

What I am suggesting is that Objectives themselves should be associated with Roles. And by inference any task you create for that Objective would naturally be associated with that Role and Objective.

When one goes to plan, they want to define their Roles. Step 2 is to define your Objectives for each Role. And for each Objective define the HITS to achieve that Objective.

The product comes close to this model. But there is missing the direct hierarchy of Role -> Objectives -> HITS.

Currently, I do not see any relationship between the Objectives and the Roles. So they are in a sense orphaned, or top-level entities. I am suggesting that every Objective falls under some Role for an individual or an organization. 

I want to be able to see all objectives by Role, and If I am filtered on a particular Role, any Objective I enter should be assigned the current Role I am filtered to.

Thank you for your time.


Here is an example of a related issue. The tasks above are associated with an Objective but are only shown in the context of their Role. So the titles are hard to understand out of context of the Objective they belong to. I actually had to edit them to make them somewhat clear, they were even vaguer because I entered them in under an Objective where the titles made sense in that context.

David Ecklund

Exactly what I'm looking for as well. This would make it much more compatible with, for example, Tony Robbins' RPM method, which has a broad usership and no app.

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Tony Robbins says that the best funnel for each area of your life is: 



Vision/ Result