Demoting tasks from active planner to parking lot

dwaits 1 year ago updated by Aymeric (Founder) 1 year ago 5

Moving a task from active planner to the parking lot used to be a "drag and drop" feature.  Now I can't figure how to do this without creating a new task and deleting the old one.  Is there an easier way? 

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Thank you for reaching out.

You can manage the task from the parking lot by going to the task menu. From there, you can assign dates, role or associate it to an objective.

Understand.  But how can I demote an active task to the parking lot?

Often, there is an overcrowding of active tasks in our planners.  At that point, we need to take tasks off and park them in the parking lot for later.  When everything was on one screen, this was an easy "drag and drop".  Now, it seems there is not an easy way to demote an active task to the parking lot.

Any update?  Would like to see a better way to move active tasks to the parking lot.


You can simply edit the task by clicking on it, pick the list in the board you want, and remove the date.