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Cannot choose any objective in Task edit menu

Urscumug 1 year ago updated by Geeta 1 month ago 5

When opening the edit menu of any task (and any high impact task) there is a drop down menu "no objective". When I want to open the drop down menu to select an objective it shows only one choice: "no objective". I have created several objectives, but they are not shown to be chosen. 

This is annoying when creating new tasks. Its even worse when I try to move my old "high impact tasks" of the past year to be my new high impact tasks of one of my next "13 week objectives". 

Can you please fix it or tell me a trick how to manage this without deleting each single h.i.-task and re-create under the objectives-menu? Thank you a lot - and congratulations for this WeekPlan app! Its the best tooI ever used! 


Android app
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Hi, Frank!

Thank you for reaching out and we are sorry to hear about this. 

Is this happening when you log in to your account on the web app?

Also, may we request for the. following, please? 

* email address of Week Plan account

* screenshot of the task menu showing the missing list of objectives

We'll wait for your response.

in the "create task" menu:

this is what it looks like after I tapped the "no objective" drop down menu (blue)

Urscumug via email 1 year ago

Hello Ana Loraine, 

my account email is frank.steingass@yahoo.de , I posted a screenshot in the comments container.