Annual Outcomes, and being able to easily drag and drop HIT's from Planner into Objectives

GAnderson 9 months ago updated 9 months ago 1

I'd really like an Annual Goals module that I can nest my Quarterly OKRs inside of, with a side panel that allows me to drag and drop HIT's from my various planner boards into that OKR. This would be especially helpful for creating a 1-year roadmap but also really helpful in not having to duplicate work. Right now, I'm doing a lot of Outcome/HIT planning in my boards to get tasks out of my head, but I can't easily get those tasks into an Objective HIT unless it's currently that Quarter.


This is particularly useful when dropping ideas/thoughts/strategies/plans into the Pending Parking Lot Board as a way to capture ideas, and then want to start to organize those random thoughts into Key Results, High Impact Tasks, etc.