option to keep "pending" column always on right side

Francisco 5 years ago updated 5 years ago 8
would like new "default option"

don´t like to press ">" button everytime I want to watch my pending jobs..
would like to always see the "pending column" at the right side of the week view...

and keep "today" column as the first column by default..

hope understand my point

thanks a lot..
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hi Francisco, you can set weekplan to show 8 lists on this page: https://app.weekplan.net/#view=AccountSettings
hello Aymeric..
thanks a lot for your suggestion..

anyway, I don´t understand wath's the point of bieng able to see our activities from previous days..
I think that the option of starting the week view from "today" is a good idea..

That's a fair comment but I am afraid that always moving the position of the days will confuse people. I have to think about it.
moreover... for example...
if today is Wednesday, I could see my tasks even from Wednesday of next week...

I think it would improve my organization..
But then how would I display the goals of the week?
the same as always... static...

think that just let move the tasks of the week is enough..