Hi I am on trial version of ultimate but I cannot see the vision or Journal Buttons? are these no longer working?

Luke Halford 1 year ago updated by Dev team 1 year ago 5

Hi, Luke!

Thank you for reaching out.

Please be advised that the Journals and Visions tab section is no longer available.

Does this also apply to the web version? I'm using WP in (modern) web browser on desktop, yet I suddenly don't see the buttons anymore. I can however still acess the pages using the direct URL.

Hi, Stefan!

Thank you for reaching out.

Both are indeed been removed from the app but you can still access them through the direct link. We do not have confirmation though if the links are going to be disabled soon. 

I asked this same question. One minute vision and journal were on the web browser and the next it was gone. 

Journal has been removed as it is deprecated function. Vision is still available for normal use.