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bi-weekly or two week view

wokandskillet 1 year ago updated 1 year ago 2

Hi there! Please consider adding a bi-weekly/two week view for the planner. It will really help easily move tasks that I won't be able to complete to the following week. It will be nice to see what's happening for the next couple of weeks. 

Under review

Hi, Char!

Thank you for reaching out. 

You can actually drag and drop tasks from different weeks if you change from week to month view. May I ask if you already tried this one?

Hi there!
Yes, I have tried this but I find that because there are 4 weeks in that view, the box for each day becomes so small that it's hard to see what is already scheduled for each day. 
I think that with just two weeks in the view, there would be a lot more room to see more tasks for each day. Cheers!
Best regards,
Char Ferrara
creator, Wok & Skillet
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