Allow me to edit "Pending" list so that I can use it for something else.

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Thanks again for great work you're doing with WeekPlan. I am using it already for a while, hence all the little requests I had so far.

I would love to have an ability to have functional/role views of my week plan: say I'm at work, I'm going to be concentrated on work that I'm doing and will be doing in short future. I'd like to have ability to throw away boxes Saturday and Sunday in that view (I have this luxury of not working weekends ;) ), on the other hand I'd love have few other boxes: Pending box you already have is useful, how about breaking it down into Blocked (tasks waiting on something else) and Later (tasks that are not blocked, you won't manage to allocate them this week and don't really care right now whether it's going to be next Thursday or Monday after; you just want to make sure that you'll remember about them)?

I'm sure there will be some more ideas for additional boxes, too, and you can't fit them all on one screen.