Open links in a new browser tab


It's great that we can add markdown notes to tasks. I use this feature as a way to keep my email inbox empty. If there is an email I need to action I will create a task within WeekPlan (on a board) and paste the link of the email (I use gmail) in the tasks note box (mark down format) and then archive the email. Then, when I come to action the task I simply click on the link to bring back up the email. All good.

However, clicking on a markdown link within a task notes currently has two undesirable behaviours:

  1. The link will be opened in the current browser tab (replacing WeekPlan) - it would be better if it was opened in a new tab.
  2. A less than idea work around to this is to CTRL-Click the link. This opens in the link in a new tab but also puts the task note into edit mode. 

Please consider these two minor tweaks.


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