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Hi there,

Since we're using Weekplan for our business our firm name and address has to be listed in invoices in order to get accepted by German authorities. Could you please advise?


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Perfect, thanks

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Ana Loraine
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Hi, Sonja!

Thank you for reaching out.

Please be advised that we cannot change the details on our end. It will depend on the details you will provide on your payment info.

If you missed to add anything upon subscribing, you can go to the app's account settings and on the bottom part of the page of User Profile, you can enter additional information for your invoice.

To go to the Account settings, just click the drop down button at the upper right corner of your window as shown below.

Should you have other questions or concerns, please let us know.

Have a great day!



I'm in the same situation. Can I enter my company VAT number at payment?


Yes, you can enter the VAT number in the extra information field in the account settings page. It will reflect in your invoice.