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HIT, Week View, and Backlog by Roles on the Schedule Page

alcama@yahoo.com 6 months ago • updated 5 months ago 2

I would like to suggest moving the Backlog by Roles to the bottom of the Schedule page. When the three panels are in the same view, it is easiest to apply your philosophy: drag items to HIT and from the to the weekly schedule. Currently, I often forget about the backlog and I do not go to drag items to HIT. Sometimes I enter the same item twice (in the backlog and forget about it and then again, straight in the Plan of the Week, when it emerges again, this time with more urgency rather than having had planned it.)

Under review


Thank you for the feedback.

I'll be more than happy to share this to our team for review and consider on our next updates. 

Hi, Anna!

Any news on this? I find myself using your app less and less and I hate it. My schedule is empty because it is difficult to go back and forth between the backlog and the week. It is much easier to dump a task in the backlog (and off my mind) and then schedule it when I sit down to prep my week or day. But because the backlog is not on the same page as the week, I have to toggle back and forth and it just does not work. Please give me some good news!