Drag task to HIT not working

dario.bavicchi@bavicchi.it 1 year ago updated by Dev team 1 year ago 6

Another new bug discovered today.

Drag a task from Boards or Roles backlog to HIT column works only if task has a date! 

It's funny because i drag task to HIT because i want define a date in schedule screen.....

tested on web (Firefox+Chrome) and windows app

Web app
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Thank you for reaching out.

May we ask for your confirmation if you are trying to drag the task to Plan of the Week HITs?

Yes, i tried to drag task to the plan of the week HIT also because it's the only one place where i can drag  task from boards

I understand now that in this column there are only task that already scheduled for the active week, but now you must also explain how we can define a task in boards or roles as HIT..... 

4 days and i'm still waiting for a answer!!!! this start to be frustrating....

It seems i can't work any more as usual because the HIT column is "locked" and i can't drag any task to it from any other WP container (boards, rules)

Can you confirm that the HIT task categorisation that, before last update was a pillar of WP planning working path, is now almost useless and refer only to task inherited from objectives?

If this is true then you need to clearly explain such radical change then plan soon to totally cancel the HIT concept from WP.

I just saw this issue, my apologies, we will fix this today


i confirm that now dragging  is back!

working as usual.


You can close this case.