Just started. Adding tasks is buggy - duplicates and mixed task/role pairings.

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Just signed up. Went through the login process etc, and went to match tasks to days. Found a lot of duplicated tasks, and tasks had been matched with wrong roles.

Web app

Same issue. When creating tasks, duplicates are created. When deleting tasks, duplicates are created. When creating recurring tasks, the recurring tasks are not matched up to the proper role and objective.

Subtasks are not automatically recurring. They get created as completely separate tasks when creating recurring tasks. Lot to be desired here.

Using iPhone iOS 12 and Macbook with Chrome browser

Aymeric Founder
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Hi Aron, could you please explain what happened exactly? Where did the duplicate come from? (Gcal? Outlook?)

  • Not a bug

Closing it as heard no reply from user.