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not all tasks appear on 'Backlog by Roles' & 'Backlog by Objectives' boards

Alex Gokce 1 year ago updated by Aymeric (Founder) 1 year ago 5

All my tasks are assigned roles & objectives, but not all of them appear on the respective boards. 

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We dont show scheduled tasks of HITs, at the moment, which we will change shortly. Is that why they are not showing?

None of the tasks in question are HITs. I assign a role & objective to every task I create. Some of my tasks appear on the 2 boards; some do not.

Could you please show me the "Edit task" sidebar of a task that does not appear?

Here is one, Aymeric. 

(To test how Objectives & Roles work in Week Plan, I created the same set of roles, objectives & lists. For instance, I have a role (or domain) called '2 body' as well as an objective called '2 body,' and a list called '2 body' (which is part of a board called 'Goals 2018.'))

This task is set to a specific date, which is why you dont see it in the backlog.

We will soon release a new version that will show scheduled but not completed tasks in backlog