if the time estimate for a task is set to 1 hour, the duration does not appear above the task name on boards

Alex Gokce 1 year ago updated by karlackermann 10 months ago 5
Web app
Under review

This is because we consider 1 hour to being the default.


So, a task with an estimate of 1 hour looks identical to a task with no estimate whatsoever. 

Given that time estimates form an important piece of this system, I would vote for this to be changed.

I agree. If I've set a duration to 1hr then I'd expect it to be reflected in the UI. It'd be very helpful to be able differentiate tasks that I've purposely set to be 1hr long vs ones I haven't gotten around to estimating the time it will take. I sometimes find myself needlessly re-estimating how long the 1hr tasks will take.