Can I see hours of the day as well?

Ola Kaczmarek 5 years ago updated by Boo L. 2 years ago 8
Part of why I need weekplan is to see where I can fit in the things I can do. Without the hours breakdown, the app is much less useful. The time intervals option is not enough, it would be good to see hours, like in a regular calendae as well.
Satisfaction mark by Ola Kaczmarek 5 years ago
For me this is also the most important item of a task planer, because I need to kow how much time is left on a day.

I can see that hours breakdown can be important for many people, some schedules' are mainly meetings driven. 

But I have always stayed away from it because I couldn't find a way to implement it elegantly in the previous design / layout. Now it seems that I could allow users to change modes (hours breakdown, or lists).

I will think about it. Please bear in mind that it won't be implemented any time soon (if ever) since I am working on other priorities for WeekPlan at the moment. So if you believe the lack of hours breakdown is a deal breaker for you, you should look for another solution. "Sunrise" sounds like a great calendar.

Great app. Just signed up, and really like what you've built.

I too would love this functionality. I currently use a task manager to compile and categorize all my tasks. When I plan my week, I have an Excel template that I use, that breaks each day into blocks - I just use Morning, Afternoon, and Evening. I then put tasks into those blocks. It generally doesn't matter to me what time I do my tasks - but being able to see them that way is helpful, at least for me. I figured out how to do this with tags, but having the ability to see them all at once would be nice. One possible way to implement might be to allow some number of user-defined blocks to break up a day. People could use these for whatever works for them. For example, people who work in an office might want a 'lunchtime' block.

Agree Sunrise is good for those that want a more traditional calendar app. I use it to pull together data from multiple accounts and it works great.


Yes I could introduce the concept of user defined "lanes" (coming from kanban methodology).


Also would like to show my appreciation for the great work you've done Aymeric!! I've just found WeekPlan and I already love it!!

I'd also like to request the hours of the day be visible. And on top of that, if it's possible to physically stretch the tasks on screen to fill out however many hours they will take. It would give very visual feedback on the time allocation of the day.

I am looking at new ways to show the tasks and events of a day.

Integrating Week Plan with Google Calendar allows you to see the hours of the day by switching over to the google calendar app and selecting the weekly or daily view . They work together and synchronize so its perfect! LOVE this!! After searching for years and trying so many different systems, this it for me!!