Daily HIT Frequency Solution?

Bob Hudman 11 months ago updated 11 months ago 5

Hi Users & Weekview

I am wondering if anyone has a solution or workaround for HIT tasks added to Objectives where the frequency is more than once a week?

Lets say a HIT was to "Exercise 3 times per Week", currently I can only click the week for this HIT to occur and it once drops into the week planner as a singe event (i.e. Once per week, not the three times per week I need). Now, I could obviously create three HITs (e.g. Exercise 3 times per Week 1 of 3, Exercise 3 times per Week 2 of 3, Exercise 3 times per Week 3 of 3) so I have three items to schedule to reflect the three sessions per week that I want to do, but it doesn't see very practical. 

Any ideas here?
Or could Weekplan potentially add a feature in the Objective<>HIT Process to give options for a frequency of more than 1 x per week?

Web app

Anyone have an answer or suggestion for this?


If you press CTRL while dragging, it will clone the task

Thanks Aymeric

But I don't quite follow - press CRTL while I am dragging what exactly?

So, you drag HIT from Plan of the Week to day 1. Then CTRL drag from day 1 to day 2, etc..

Ok, got it...when dragging tasks to planner

Thats a good work around for now

However proper functionality would be good.