Server error when entering new tasks

rippingale5 1 year ago updated by Aymeric (Founder) 1 year ago 4

Happens randomly but repeatedly when entering new tasks.  

Web app

Great support.  Thank you so much for being so prompt in replying to me.  Everything seems to be working great now.  Thanks.

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Wow, you are still using the old v1 app.

Can you tell me why you haven't moved to v2 yet?

I know :)  I saw the layout of v2 (my mum started to use it) a while back and I didn't like the layout as much as v1 so I didn't upgrade.  If the error is related to v1 and chrome, then I'll upgrade rather than you spending time on it.  

No I think we have some server issues, I had a similar thing happening on my account in v2. We will look into it.


It should be fixed now, let us know if you still have it.