INBOX with email-integration

raland 1 year ago updated by Aymeric (Founder) 1 year ago 6

Would be nice to enable inbox to receive emails, just as it is possible for lists.



Web app

You can already, send your emails at inbox@hello.weekplan.net :)

Hello Aymeric,

thank you for the quick answer, your are right, that works.

But it works only from the registered email-adress. It would be great to use any other mailadress just as for the email-integration of the lists.

This was an oversight! We have fixed this issue, it will be published next Thursday.

Hey guys

I tested this, and it has some problems. 

The inbox treats every line break in the email as a separate task in the inbox. 

Can we get this fixed?
Would suggest the task name should be the email subject. Would also be great if the email body was entered in as description and attachments auto-attached. 

Under review

Oh, we will have a look at this, thanks for reporting.


actually, it works like today@


It is more of a braindump.

If you want to be able to send notes and subtasks, you can use the todo+workspaceid@hello.weekplan.net email (see article)