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Unscheduled Tasks/HITs to show above the main schedule

Bob Hudman 1 year ago updated 1 year ago 4

Hi Weekplan

One suggestion that I think would make a big difference.

As I have alot of things on my calendar, I am often finding that tasks or HITs added for a day (which are not set to a specific time) are not visible. This makes its far too easy to miss them. Also, with the scroll only working on each day (not across the week at large) this is far too easy of an item to miss. See attached screen shots showing the issue. 

I would like to suggest that tasks and HIT assigned to a specific day but not time are moved to a more visible location. Attached mockup shows you what I mean. 

I think this is important as it focuses us on which is not scheduled to a time. This borrows from the common approach that all-day events have in calendar solutions (sitting at the top). 


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Under review

Thanks Bob, it makes sense. The reason why we have the events first was that because they are time sensitive, they shouldn't be missed. Also, it brings them closer to the timeline at the top.


We are going to introduce a calendar view that should do what you need though


And because we will have the calendar view, we will remove the timeline, and we will probably have the tasks in the order you suggested since it is industry standard.

Thanks Aymeric
So glad you agree with this request

Is there an approx timeline for this and the calendar layout?